Based in Sydney, Doris Jurzak is a graduate of Jewellery and Object Design and Jewllery Manufacture from Design Centre Enmore.

Attracted to the flexibility of the words ‘object’ and ‘contemporary jewellery’, and the infinite possibilities that come with them, Doris is usually inspired by human behaviour, together with patterns and forms found in nature. Other times, she finds inspiration in a particular material, its possibilities and limitations. Experimentation is a big part of this.

Doris likes to work as much as possible with materials directly in her hands, with a sparing use of tools and machinery. Together with curved forms, line and repetition feature in her designs.

Having recently completed further technical studies, Doris is planning to use these skills to add to her jewellery collection over the next twelve months. In the meantime, she is also exploring and developing some textile designs and drawings.

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