exhibition reflection

At the beginning of 2015, Radka Passianova and I started talking about a joint exhibition. For lots of reasons, it took 3.5 years to actually find its way into a gallery, but we finally got there in August this year at gaffa, with Grass is Greener as the exhibition theme.

We chose this theme because it captured both of us nicely…someone born in Australia who craves being in Europe and someone born in the Czech Republic who relocated to Australia.

A lot of changes and distractions occurred in those 3.5 years, including a home renovation, developing my other business Blumengarten, overseas travel, my office job…. so by the time I came around to actually making my pieces for the exhibition in 2018, some of the concepts which I had initially chosen felt completely foreign, as if they had been developed by someone else.

I kept some of the initial ideas and changed others during the process and of course, finished at the very last minute. I don’t seem to know how to do it any other way!

I’m only writing this post a couple of months after the exhibition, as immediately after bump-out, I jumped on a plane to Europe for a few weeks. So much inspiration from the Alps to digest and develop over the next little while….

Here are some images from the gallery. I’ll add more detailed images of the work to the Exhibition page soon.

Doris Jurzak_jewellery exh_left.jpg
Doris Jurzak_jewellery_choice and consequence.jpg
Doris Jurzak_jewellery_everyday series.jpg
Doris Jurzak_jewellery exh_right.jpg
Doris Jurzak_exh opening.jpg

grass is greener

Working like mad to finalise pieces for my first exhibition in a few years.

Looking forward to it opening on 16 August!